• "Creativity, flexibility, professionalism - the attributes that present the PR Agency Divino."

    Vladimír Krescanko
    Senior Brand Manager
  • "We perceive Divino as a positive, flexible and active team with a determination to always help the client. Relationship management is a priority, which corresponds to the purpose of the right PR agency. It is nice to work with them."

    Linda Pribylincová
    Marketing coordinator
    ITB Development
  • "Our goal is perfection in caring for a woman at the unique moments of her life. And the communication partner is DIVINO, full of inspiring and joyful people who do their work with passion."

    Michaela Španková
    PR and marketing specialist
    Exeltis Slovakia
  • "Divino is not just a PR agency for us. We are always looking for ways to make us visible even in places where we wouldn't think of it. I see a huge contribution in finding new partnerships and participation in various interesting projects."

    Peter Blažečka
    PR&Marketing manager v Creative Web
    Zlava Dna


  • "We were looking for an agency to run our social media accounts in Czechia and Slovakia. In Divino we found a partner who not only has managed our social media but also helped us establish the right tone of voice across all our communications."

    Marcin Gierbisz
    Team Leader
    Empik Foto
  • “We have been cooperating with DIVINO for only a few months, but even in such a short time we have had the opportunity to appreciate their professional yet human-friendly approach, creativity, unconventionality and individual consideration of our needs as a customer. The team of young people is well-played, they have experience, they are looking for new possibilities and trends, but I especially appreciate their above-standard service, enthusiasm and real will to fulfill the expectations of their clients.”

    Ing. Eva Tkáčová
    Sales&Marketing Manager
  • We are very satisfied with Divino. I especially appreciate their way of communication, creative approach and the desire to always bring something new. Social media management is constant, content is interesting, and this translates into better results.

    Mgr. Pavlína Baráni
    PR Specialist
    Summit Motors Slovakia
  • “Let's combine professionalism, creativity and a friendly approach. That's exactly what Divino agency means to me.”

    Ľubka Kráľová
    Website and Social Media Coordinator
    Cinema City Slovakia
  • "Just as we are specialists in baking, DIVINO is an expert on online communication for the Czech and Slovak market."

    Miloš Petřík
    Digital marketing špecialista
    Dr. Oetker


  • "I am pleased with Divino Agency because they solve all our tasks and assignments flexibly, but mainly creatively. We always have a choice of different activities that are tailor-made for us. Communication is always prompt and fast, and meetings are always friendly. "

    Majka Valentová Kostrabová
    PR and marketing specialist
    Zlatá Studňa
  • “A dynamic and professional team of young people. Flexibility, toughness and delivering superior results and solutions - this is how Divino can be described. This year we had a difficult task - selecting and recruiting CC ambassadors. Thanks to a flexible and professional approach, we managed to contract 3 influencers who deliver beautiful results.”

    Barbara Nagyová
    Junior Marketing Manager
    Cinema City Slovakia

About us

We are a small flexible team dedicated to each client individually in a fast changing world of communication. Our strategic and functional solutions connecting online and offline tools guarantee high effectiveness of communication. The goal is long-term cooperation and satisfied customers of our clients. We achieve return on your investments into PR by an active and open discussion with you.

How do we operate?

  • Acquaintance
  • Ideas
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation


Our services accommodate your needs. The final solution for you is in no way like shopping from shelves. Each client gets a tailor made solution. Most frequently our solutions combine the following services:



  • Corporate
  • Crisis
  • Product
  • Personal Branding PR
  • Online
    • Social media administration
    • Content marketing and blogging services
    • Web development
  • Directly to customer - WOM (word of mouth)
  • Issue management - topic communication


  • Internal communication strategy
  • Motivation programs


  • Media communication
  • Online communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Internal communication


  • Simona Mištíková a.k.a. „Sima“

    Managing director

    She knows no break, does not wear a watch, sometimes comes on time but manages to accomplish everything. No stenograph can record the speed of her words. She can give away her energy and she tries to do just that. She uses the word “introvert” as a cuss word. “PR mastermind“, or our “Star“.


    Is she experienced?

    She supervised one of three teams of the biggest PR agency in Slovakia for 8 years managing projects in various industries and of all sizes.


    What is she good at?

    Managing the agency and client service without industry limitation.

  • Martina Kosturková a.k.a "Maťa"

    Team leader

    She full-heartedly hates routine. She loves people, humour, fun and fairness. This tiny woman with her heart in the right place could be characterized as honest and tough. There is something good in everything and Maťa will find it!


    Is she experienced?

    She began in international trade and then moved to marketing. She gained her first experience in an international media agency and later moved to the side of the client.


    What is she good at?

    Product communication in the area of fast moving consumer goods, life-style and influencer marketing 

  • Lukáš Grec a.k.a. „Luky“

    Senior online manager

    Lukáš has a positive attitude and is creative in both life and work. His motto is that any problem can be solved if looked at from a different perspective. His studies of Media Ethics at the Faculty of Arts of Matej Bel University gave him a good background in corporate and institutional PR. His studies of economics at Matej Bel University gave him a good background in profit focused marketing.


    Is he experienced?

    During his studies, he spent some of his leisure time writing articles for the school magazine and organizing cultural events. He is very much interested in the world of the media, new trends and designing web pages.


    What is he good at?

    He takes care of our FMCG and lifestyle clients.

  • Veronika Belušková a.k.a. "Veron"

    Senior manager

    PR is a field in which she found herself in and which she absolutelly enjoys. All this reflects in her approach towards work tasks. She is conscientious, trustworthy and laughs, even though the day is just beginning. There is nothing, that cannot be solved with good food or shopping.


    Is she experienced?

    Yet during her studies, she has become our first trainee, who has perfectly proved hereself a competent part of our team. For over a year she aknowledges her position of a proper account.


    What is he good at?

    He takes care of our FMCG, lifestyle clients and CSR activities.

  • Anita Murincakova a.k.a. "Anit"

    Senior manager

    Nice and smiling with passion for PR and events.  Anit's approach towards work is creative and original. Her advantage is the ability to think a little "Dyfferent". She is responsible and always ready to give out maximum. An absolute satisfaction from the client is her highest priority. Simply, a multitasking Diva for whom nothing is impossible:-)


    Is she experienced ?

    She studied at the Academy of performing arts and Marketing and masmedia communication. Her value is in 3 year experience in event field and 5 years in fashion industry. All this she is applying within PR.


    What is she good at?

    FMCG clients and lifestyle

  • Zuzana Mittelmann a.k.a. "Zuz"

    Junior manager

    Work is her passion and a demanding client challenge. With her optimistic approach she always finds the needed solution. She specializes in the field of construction and development. Free time is a big luxury ans she spends it with family and friends, as well as by paddleboarding or other sports, traveling, reading or just relaxing in their family cottage. She brings a smile and sunshine into the team.


    Is she experienced?

    Many years in Chief Editing positions taught her to manage stress and bring tasks to the successful end. Her studies at the Technical University can also be beneficial in the field of PR.  


    What is she good at?

    She works mainly with clients in the field of architecture and development.

  • Veronika Máliková a.k.a. "Nika"

    Junior online manager

    Always smiling and positive is on social networks at home. She is creative and responsible. She spends her free time with friends or in the kitchen trying some new recipes.


    Is she experienced?

    She found her love for online marketing during her studies at the Economical faculty in Bratislava , and started developing her skills further on the side of aclient in B2C sector.

    What is she good at?

    Content and administration of client's profiles on social networks within the FMCG and services.

  • Klaudia Sutorova a.k.a. "Klaudi"

    Junior Account

    Loving the poetics and the unconventional, planoholic with the sense for the sensless. Her biggest inspiration is life itself and the everyday being, which she likes to capture on camera. Her recognition sign: no tea, no office:-)


    Is she experienced?

    She studied massmedia communication at the university in Trnava. After her studies she was gaining experience in television and film production as well as in a digital advertisine company. Now she "dropped the ancor" in Divino, in an online segment, where she can use her creative mind to the full.  


    What is she good at?

    Preparation and creation of content and administration of client's profiles and social networks in the FMCG and lifestyle segment. 

  • Alica Mravcova a.k.a. "Alic"

    Junior Account

    Always looking at the bright side, artistic soul craving for some new experience. Despite her resolutive nature, there is always space for straightforwardness and humor in her life.  After working in the fashion and beauty business she decided to use her experience within the field of communication. As for her values, she appreciates sincerity and self-reflection on others. 


    Is she experienced?

    During her studies of the History of Arts she discovered her passion for beauty and communication, which she later used in fashion industry. Actually she is developing her skills in Divino and within a CSR project "Digital Angels". 


    What is she good at?


    Communication of FMCG and lifestyle products.

  • Marek Menke a.k.a. "Marek"

    Content Creator

    Don Quijote fighting agains the black and white world of conventional thinking. Creativity is is second most favourite word starting with "C" as well as the field where his brain occasionally shows some activity. Besides the four ventricles in his heart you can also find marketing, graphic design, sweets and coffee (this is the first word starting with "C")


    Is he experienced? 

    Besids hi studies at the university in Trnava, he gainde experience in one of the first advertising agencies in Slovakia.


    What is he good at? 

    Content development, graphic design and creative solutions

  • Natália Augustínová a.k.a. "Naty"

    Graphic designer

    Naty is a student of marketing communication at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. She sees the world through colours and camera. She never leaves the house without her sketch book and pencils, tools that brought her to create graphics. NAty loves photoshop and ilustrator and her deadline "best friends" is coffee. She is the miss honest in her body and soul, doing everything for 100%.


    Is she experienced?

    she is just gaining it with all of us in Divino:-)


    What is she good at?

    She takes care of the graphic visuals for the coleagues and their clients and preparation of content plans.

  • Pavol Cvik a.k.a. "Palo"

    Strategy and creative consultant

    Adviser, strategist, creator, stylecoach, man of exquisite taste and uncompromising aesthete, renaissance revelator...a little bit of all the mentioned and everything in one. Maybe even an unexpected surprise to add to it all.


    Is he experienced?

    he is with all he has touched so far;), besides being a lawyer with successfull practice, consultant and designer. o

    What is he good at?

    unsolvable entries and impossible tasks. Our Mr. Wolf.

  • Ľubomíra Mardiaková a.k.a. "Ľubka"

    External Consultant

    Her liking for writing texts comes yet from the school times. Her motto is: everything is possible (if you want). As a double mum she manages everything that belongs to the "bag" of active life. Her characteristic is "thinking" aloud, handful of ideas and situational humour.


    Is she experienced?​

    She has been in marketing and PR for more than ten years. She was gaining experience mainly in consultancy companies. She worked as a marketing manager and spokeswoman in the State agency SARIO.


    What is she good at?​

    Her strong side is the creation of content for clients from bank and IT sector. She is a lecturer for social network LinkedIn.

  • Jana Lauková a.k.a. "Janka"

    Office assistant external

    Jana loves numbers, tables and excel. She also loves yoga, which gives her extra energie. She is a detailist and everything must have a place. "Papers" are her life. 


    Is she experienced??

    She has experience with team leadership in corporate and with organization of smaller events.


    What is she good at?

    In the agency she covers the administration of trainings and is a great help for her colleagues.

  • Ester Ziffova

    Account Assistent

    Her most powerful weapon is Word. She love writing and everything that comes with it. Student of journalism who changed and stepped into the world of shiny ads and marketing. As she knows the journalist'work from her practice, she will kill it with  a press release not only on the side of the client but on the side of the editor. Who says that it's not possible to combine an honest journalism with marketing, has not met Ester yet!


    Is she experienced?

    Besid her studies she interned in the biggest slovak newspapers, but the practice from marketing she is gaining here in Divino. 


    What is she good at?

    Writing press releases, articles and administration of social networks.

  • Adam Pásztor


    Adam has been video-creative since he was a little boy, but professionally for seven years. He always paid attention to the interpretation of his ideas to be unique and trustworthy. "Through the camera, I am able to implement my thoughts. I also wanted to gain more experience within practical and theoretical knowledge, which is what I am doing right now at my University in the department of masmedia."


    Is he experienced?

    I gained my experience either through work for clients or also through working on promoting my university faculty. 


    What is he good at?

    I am mostly working on creating audio-visual content, but I also have an experience with animaton and motion design. 


Together we are one team

  • Dr. Oetker

    Our cooperation with Dr. Oetker delights creating us with PR campaigns and comprehensive PR services, managing social networks and with collaboration with celebrities, bloggers and bloggers. This partnership makes us especially happy because Dr. Oetker has been part of our households since forever.
    Klient - Dr. Oetker
  • Hubert J.E.

    It is an honour to stand by this iconic slovak brand. Hubert J.E., established in 1825 was the first winery for production of sparkling wine with traditional French methods outside France. Od svojho založenia je lídrom na trhu šumivých vín na Slovensku. We cooperate with Hubert J.E. in the field of corporate and productction PR and the administration of social networks. The communication of the brand includes participation at significant events, cooperation with influencers and close cooperation with experts. Together with the memebers of the company we are trying to bring a noblese into the ordinary life and preserve the tradition and worldly known taste of our Slovak sects.
    Klient - Hubert J.E.
  • Budiš

    Budiš's mineral water cooperation includes news and advertising communications, press releases, and comprehensive PR services, including collaboration with sports celebrities, bloggers and bloggers who are committed to a healthy lifestyle. This cooperation is very pleasing to us as we are fans of this mineral water and their supplies can not ever be missed at our working place.
    Klient - Budiš
  • Cinema City

    Cinema City Slovakia is the largest provider of multikines in Slovakia. In the cinemas and the special cinema projections of 4DX and SUPERSCREEN, the audience will be delighted to have a great film experience. DIVINO provides regular monthly PR services, creative campaign and communication suggestions, event organization, movie premieres, and collaboration with celebrities.
    Klient - Cinema City
  • ITB Development

    Collaboration with ITB Development includes the communication of news in the world of real estate, the creation of PR campaigns, the preparation of press releases and comprehensive PR services, including collaboration with celebrities, bloggers and bloggers. This cooperation makes us all the more delighted that ITB is interested in Bratislava's urban development and community life.
    Klient - ITB Development
  • Ford

    Summit Motors Slovakia is the official importer and seller of the Ford label in Slovakia. The company at the same time provides authorized Ford vehicle services. For the client we provide planning, organization and promotion of events (I ride Ford for life), cooperation with influencers and media communication.
    Klient - Ford
  • Klient - Fatra
  • ZľavaDňa

    We have been working with the largest discount portal in Slovakia for several years now. Mainly, we communicate surveys, market results or the behavior of Slovak customers. Last but not least, we are representing Zľava Dňa as a portal, that let you explore Slovakia.
    Klient - ZlavaDňa
  • Klient - Exeltis
  • Zlatá studňa

    The communication of the spring water Zlatá studňa includes mainly creative suggestions, promoting the novelties, either the Dotyk ovocia (Touch of the fruit) or Dotyk kvetov (Touch of the flowers), in media, and also includes cooperation with influencers and help with events, where we can promote the trademark.
    Klient - Zlatá Studňa
  • Gemerka

    Slovak Magnesium Water from the heart of Gemer returned to our portfolio after a short break. Mainly, we are engaged in communicating its health benefits, donating blood campaigns, cooperating with bloggers, and looking for possibilities to make the brand more visible.
    Klient - Gemerka
  • Born In Barcelona

    Born In Barcelona is a Slovak brand of exclusive jewelery. We provide strategic marketing consulting, online marketing, and we are also looking for new sales opportunities.
    Klient - Born In Barcelona
  • Empikfoto

    Empikfoto SA has been active in Poland for 14 years. Last year the company expanded to Czech Republic and in 2018 to Slovakia. The company operates within photobooks and calendars printing, photo-print and wide range of personalzed products, carrying the pictures of clients to Slovakia. WE are their partner in active PR communication through PR articles, competitions and barters. WE cooperate with influencers and bloggers, in order to be on sight not only for media. WE also cover the administration of social networks Facebook and Instagram. We prepare regular content, graphics and paid advertisement on Instagram.
    Klient - Empikfoto

    Murexin is another of our construction clients. The company offers materials for flooring, tiles, cast floors, construction isolations, concrete, insulation, paint... They have solution for every problem on the construction site and its the perfect partner for a place where the highest quality and wide range of products is required. We have developed PR services that fit and include meetings with the media, press conferences, press release and promo materials and we manage to arrange the time for a nice coffee and a chat with the client too propagačných materiálov a čas zostáva aj na príjemné stretnutia pri káve.
    Klient - MUREXIN
  • V4 Group

    V4 Group is a consultancy group gathering lawyers, solicitors, tax consultants, auditors and accountants. The company offers complex consultancy services for clients and their every day activities as well as solutions for demanding business transatcions. We are honoured to cover this field and to develop PR activities and building good relationships for this client.
    Klient - V4 Group
  • Matuzalem

    For our client Matuzalem, we are covering PR communication in media and cooperation with influencers. We also organize press conferences and workshops with bloggers and media. We also cover the social networks Facebook and Instagram and we are their partners in photo materials and videos making.
    Klient - Matuzalem
  • Klient - Barebells
  • Klient - Vitamen Well
  • Klient - MYLAN
  • Klient - Primestar Hotels
  • Klient - Biela Perla

We also lend a hand to

  • Klient - Henkel
  • DHL Parcel

    DHL Parcel is one of the largest suppliers of transport services in Slovakia in the B2C area. DHL has years of experience in European markets. We provided the regular monthly PR service, communication with professional and lifestyle media, ambassadors, organization of big events, and constant effort to find the publicity.
    Klient - DHL Parcel

    Collaboration with the biggest producer of protein and muesli bars in Slovakia included strategic planning of PR activities, preparation and communication of press releases and expert articles. Key activities included participation with celebrities, athletes, bloggers and journalists. Except for lifestyle outputs, emphasis was placed on contacting relevant expert media. The service package also included fan page management and Facebook content creation.
    Klient - Tekmar
  • Index Podnikateľa

    It was created as an instrument to support and develop a transparent business environment in Slovakia. It can verify and analyze any company doing business in the Slovak Republic. We created themes and texts appropriate to professional and lifestyle media and searched for a publicity.
    Klient - Index Podnikateľa
  • Wellness Hotel Patince

    For its visitors, Wellness Hotel Patince offers not only stays prepared by specialists, but also a wide range of wellness facilities and services. Collaboration was based mainly on the creation of texts about current stays, events and news that the hotel regularly prepares. We also took care of relationships and communication with celebrities and bloggers, barter cooperation and buying advertising in the key media.
    Klient - Wellnes Hotel Patince
  • Foundation Volkswagen Slovakia

    Volkswagen Slovakia was founded in 2008 as a public service organization that actively looking for co-creating a modern living space in the knowledge society. DIVINO provides regular monthly PR services, advice, creative campaign and communication suggestions, creative video production, media communication, bloggers, vloggers and ambassadors relations. Preparing text materials and searching for publicity is a matter of course. Divino also administrates the foundation's Facebook and covers activities on this social network from copywriting, through graphic content, up to paid advertisement.
    Klient - Nadácia Volkswagen Slovakia
  • Ekofarma Važec

    Our cooperation with Ekofarma Važec includes communication of news and advertising campaigns, preparation of press releases and comprehensive PR services involving collaboration with healthy nutritionists, bloggers and bloggers who are committed to a healthy lifestyle. This collaboration makes us all the more delighted that we are the fans of excellent dairy products.
    Klient - Ekofarma Važec
  • Café Dias

    Café Dias café, which is part of the Panta Rhei bookstores, is a place where you can share your adventures, chat events, and many more, with the best quality coffee, tea or wine. For the client, we provided media communication, event organization and online activities.
    Klient - café dias
  • Ozonicon

    Ozonicon® with the TrioCross formula is a medical device that reduces pain, helps in the treatment of inflammation while nourishing joints. With the launch of this innovative product in the UK market, of course, we must not miss the support of our agency. Collaboration involves communicating the product and its benefits through tailor-made press releases. In addition, we also make use of our knowledge of bloggers as well as celebrities.
    Klient - Ozonicon
  • Diamonds of Slovak Business

    The key project for DIVINO's cooperation with Enterprise Invesetors aimed at evaluating the fastest growing small and medium-sized companies in Slovakia. During the year-long preparation of an important gala evening, we provide communication to the media, preparation of a press conference, communication with valued representatives of companies, design and preparation of the event scenario and overall development and coordination of the event. We collaborate on the project with the magazine Forbes Slovakia.
    Klient - Diamanty slovenského businesu
  • Zvolenska Slatina

    The bryndza and cheese shop in Zvolenska Slatina is the largest and oldest bryndza producer in the world. It is a modern production enterprise certified by the European Commission for the import of milk and dairy products into the European Union. We have developed a comprehensive marketing strategy, designing an official website, and communication to the media when new products were about to come to the market.
    Klient - Bryndziaren a syraren ZS
  • Danare

    The client, who is dedicated to the development, production, and sale of nutritional supplements. We helped him with launching a new weight loss product on the market. Our collaboration included support for media communication and strategic planning.
    Klient - danare
  • The Journey

    The Journey is a healing method that has been discovered by a world-renowned body and mind expert, a successful author in this area - Brandon Bays. Our task was to provide her personal branding as a founder of the method, provide media activities online, advertising and event management.
    Klient - Cesta
  • Natur Produkt

    Natur Product is an exclusive importer of 14 manufacturers of natural cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. For the client, we conducted media activities, online marketing, collaboration with bloggers, and editing a 100,000-liter magazine for consumer products through pharmacies and pharmacy facilities.
    Klient - Naturproduct
  • Medante

    The Clinic of Holistic Medicine, which combines modern and alternative medicine, is in Slovakia since 2013. For Medante, we have been doing media activities, communicating with bloggers and providing PR product and corporate communication.
    Klient - Medante
  • Otto Berg

    OTTO BERG is engaged in the production of men's collections designed in accordance with world fashion trends - stitched from high quality fabrics of leading fabric manufacturers. For the client, we provided media communication, marketing activities online and organizing events.
    Klient - Otto Berg
  • Doliva

    Doliva represents quality German cosmetics at affordable prices, including the yields of Tuscan olives. Divino acquired complete product communication in the media.
    Klient - Doliva
  • The Legend of the Knights from Sitno

    A project that involved more than eighty schoolchildren, well-known musicians, and actors. The Divino project's goal, was to apply the project to primary schools, supported all-year media support, active communication with schools and event management.
    Klient - legenda
  • Lakeside Park

    TriGranit Development Corporation began to build a complex of administrative buildings under the name of "Lakeside Park", which was to be built in four phases on Tomášikova and Vajnorská Street, and after completing it, to provide a rental area of approximately 90,000 m² and parking spaces for 1,800 cars. Divino promoted the project by creating a presentation video for the construction of "Lakeside Park 2".
    Klient - lakeside
  • Magnetica

    A company dedicated to creating websites, with many years of experience. Collaboration with Divino consisted of creating and implementing media activities and organizing events to promote the company.
    Klient - magnetica
  • Trigranit

    TriGranit is one of the largest fully integrated, privately owned, real estate platforms in Central Europe, focusing primarily on quality retail and Class “A” office buildings in strategic urban locations.
    Klient - trigranit
  • Ambulance for Clinical Nutrition

    Since 2003, the Ambulance for Clinical Nutrition has been as a non-state facility dealing with the use of nutrition to promote health in both prevention and supportive care. Our role was to promote a book release under the auspices of the Ambulance for Clinical Nutrition for children and also managing its Facebook page.
    Klient - akv

    OZETA is an important Slovak brand that has been operating on the home market since 1939. The production of men's suits, but also of women's ready-to-wear garments, coats, and leisure clothes is currently being carried out at Topoľčany, the largest manufacturer of men's clothing in Slovakia. OZETA began its new era in March 2012 with the aim of establishing a market and joining a production plant with a sales network. For this purpose, we were in charge of media communication, Facebook management, and event management.
    Klient - Ozeta
  • Tailor Made

    Tailor Made is a family business that offers years of experience in the production of menswear and tailor-made clothing. Divino provided the foundation and management of the blog on the webportal, strategic advices and many creative activities on the media.
    Klient - TAILOR MADE

    The portal is bringing several Slovak restaurant facilities together. Divino provided marketing advice, crisis communication and media relations activities.
    Klient -
  • Merci

    A popular gift chocolate that has been known since 1965. Divino provided complex media communication.
    Klient - Merci
  • Esthetic

    The private clinic of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and laser medicine Esthetic is located in the center of Bratislava. Divino provided comprehensive media communication and strategic guidance.
    Klient - Esthetic
  • Nimm2

    Nimm2 has been a favorite candy for children and adults since 1962. It is one of the most famous brands of hard candies in Germany. The brand assortment is growing steadily. In accordance with its slogan "vitamins and sweets", nimm2 offers a variety of fun and sweet mascara. Divino supported Nimm2 with a complex media communication and service.
    Klient - Nimm2
  • HBTV

    Health & Beauty TV is a TV channel focused on health, beauty and fashion. It is spread over the Internet. Broadcast programs aimed at prevention, diagnosis, treatment, news, trends, healthy lifestyle, and news and journalism from various medical disciplines. Divino provided complex strategic advice for the client.
    Klient - HBTV
  • UVEA Mediklinik

    UVEA Mediklinik is an optics as well as an ophthalmology clinic for examinations and counseling. Divino provided a set of training sessions on external and internal communication and comprehensive support for media relations.
    Klient - UVEA
  • Quality Safety Edge

    Quality Safety Edge is a training workshop focusing on workplace safety. Divino covered media promotion as well as helping with organizing their workshops.
    Klient - QSE
  • Victory travel agency

    From the very beginning of the existence of a travel agency, its main goal is to fulfill the wishes of their clients and to offer them some other way of vacation, something unusual. Replace passive snoring on the beaches for active time spending in exotic countries of the world. Divino likes unusual goals and therefore we supported the client by mediating special media collaboration, comprehensive media communication, and securing advertising at key locations.
    Klient - CK Victory
  • Podnikanie pre radost (Joyfull business)

    The company helps define the strengths and weaknesses of the business and find opportunities for improvement. Provides comprehensive services in the areas of the economy, finance, taxation, and accounting. The task for Divino was a complex marketing consulting.
    Klient - Podnikanie pre radost
  • La Nature

    La Natura is a furniture and accessories store, representing the sophisticated British brand of furniture and home accessories Neptune on the Slovak and Czech markets. Divino managed their Facebook page and also provided associated marketing activities.
    Klient - La Natura
  • Zlaté stránky (Golden pages)

    Zlaté stránky (Golden pages) are a well-known press, nowadays also electronic, list of contact details of legal and natural persons. Divino provided strategy and complex media communication as a part of the Zlaté stránky's advertising media promotion.
    Klient - Zlate stranky
  • Nitra wine

    A Slovak producer of wines with a continuous tradition of more than half a year, which can rely on its own vineyards in three regions of Slovakia - in the Nitra, Južnoslovenská and Malokarpatská vineyard area. Divino provided product and corporate communications. We also supported the media communication.
    Klient - Vino Nitra
  • Klient - Mediatel
  • Olivia Shoes

    The story of OLIVIA leather shoes started in 1999. At times when stores offered only boring austere models, the brand brought life to the world of shoes. Divino helped this client with product communication, liaising with bloggers and media.
    Klient - Olivia Shoes
  • Inner Winner

    Inner Winner Slovakia is an equivalent to a joy from learning through workshops and inspiration with world motivational speakers. They also try to introduce high-quality lecturers, interesting personalities, and talents - to create space for new opportunities and new encounters. Divino provided marketing advice and management of the Facebook page for the client.
    Klient - Inner Winner
  • Medidiet

    Medidiet offers a method of reducing body weight under professional supervision in one of our trained centers. Divino provided marketing advice, external communication training, and presentation skills training.
    Klient - Medidiet
  • Be Cool

    Be Cool has been on the market since 1998, offering a wide range of event management and marketing services. Be Cool agency is well known for organizing many events, whether it is a family sports day, corporate games or a professional sports event. For Be Cool, we provide strategic consulting, media and event partnerships and creating online content.
    Klient - Be Cool
  • Slovak Parcel Service

    Slovak Parcel Service company has been operating on the express courier services market since 1992. It continues to operate the original company IN TIME ČSFR, which has already provided services for the express transport of consignments in the former Czechoslovakia. Slovak Parcel Service has been representing United Parcel Service (UPS) in United States for more than 20 years, as its Authorized Service Contractor for UPS. Divino had the task of communicating the "Batch 24/7" service to the media.
    Klient - SPS
  • Chateau Modra

    Chateau Modra wines are the result of more than 400 years of tradition of vineyard and wine production of the Šebo family from Modra. The family tradition is linked to Lukáš Šebo, who was in the 17th century the owner of more than half a hectare of the vineyard in Modra. We helped the client with both - product and corporate communications, as well as with improving relationships with the key media.
    Klient - Chateau Modra
  • Bea Benkova

    For this internationally recognized coach and inspirational female deputy, we provided her personal branding and media communication. We also provided her presence at many conferences.
    Klient - Bea Benkova
  • Wings for life

    Wings for Life World Run is a global charity event that has a unique and fun format. It's a world-wide run, where everyone starts and drives their target line. This is how it works: Every year, Wings for Life World Run takes place in official locations around the world. They all start at the same time, 13:00 AM our time. Divino has helped this unique event through the complete coverage of media communication.
    Klient - Wings for life
  • Slovak Archaeological and Historical Institute

    The Slovak Archaeological and Historical Institute - SAHI is a civic association founded on 17 May 2006. It brings all kinds of scientists, supporters and interested persons about history, archeology, history of art, philosophy and other scientific disciplines together. Divino provided media activities, event management and media promotion of SAHI activities both in Slovakia and abroad.
    Klient - SAHI
  • Klient - EI
  • Historical Revue

    The Historical Revue is currently the only Slovak magazine focused on history and archeology, published 12 times a year. Divino managed his Facebook page for this client.
    Klient - Historická Revue
  • Covenant

    For this Slovak publisher, Divino conducted marketing consultations focusing on specific target groups.
    Klient - Covenant
  • Provocation Bureau

    The Provocation Bureau design studio collaborated with Divino in marketing consulting area with a focus on unique target groups.
    Klient - Provocation Bureau

    Historically, one of DIVINO's longest collaborations is with the Slovak chain of stores of stockings and socks with more than 20 years of tradition on the Slovak market. Collaboration includes assistance in communicating all key brand or brand new campaigns by preparing press releases, tailor-made PR texts, active media and bloggers communications. The past service package also included managing and creating content on Facebook.
    Klient - BEPON
  • The association of Young Businessmen of Slovakia

    The Association of Young Businessmen of Slovakia was founded in 2010 as an organization associating Slovak entrepreneurs under the age of 40. The main reason for this was the lack of attention paid to the support of the young generation of entrepreneurs. For this association, Divino provided media activities such as press releases, interviews with journalists, and more.
    Klient - ZMPS
  • XOXO

    Xoxo BODY & MIND is the first salon to take care of your overall look under one roof. They offer services related to hair, hands and feet, skin, body shaping as well as invasive dermatology services. It also provides expert consultations that relate to your personal image. Divino prepared unique media training and marketing consulting, media activities, online marketing as well as collaborative and cross promo promotions with other brands.
    Klient - XOXO
  • Joe Klamar - the world of movement

    In this case, Divino was the organizer of a unique exhibition during its twelve classes. During this period, Divino provided comprehensive media activities, online and event marketing, preparing an online magazine as well as complete external communication for Henkel Slovakia.
    Klient - HSS_Klamar
  • Ranná starostlivosť

    The client helps children with a disability. Children aged 0-7 are supported according to the individual needs of each family. They are also expert supporter for families that need functional examination, child diagnosis, application of stimulating methods and games, transdisciplinary approach in collaboration with professionals, or family integration into the community. For the client we provide free assistance in strategy planning, events and online marketing.
    Klient - Ranna starostlivost
  • Lacalut

    The history of the brand began to be written in 1928 under the wings of Boehringer Ingelheim. The head of her health department was Dr. Graubner, who started the development of dental care products. Currently, this product line includes tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, but also toothbrushes, dental floss or denture products. Divino provided complete product communication to the media.
    Klient - Lacalut
  • Pantha Rhei

    The beginnings of Panta Rhei date back to 1989. The first places of sale were small market stalls, right after, the first stone store in Veľký Meder had started. The enthusiasm for the book market and the idea of getting books more and more among people culminated in 2000, opening the first bookstore in the Polus shopping center in Bratislava. If media crisis communication was needed, Divino provided it.
    Klient - Pantha Rhei

    The history of the KVINT production dates back to 1897, when Tiraspol's first production was started. Nowadays, KVINT drinks are very popular, not only in the markets of the former Soviet empire, but also in other parts of the world. The client's product lines include Brandy, Wine and Vodka. Divino was mainly responsible for general media communication and online marketing.
    Klient - Kvint
  • Ryba Žilina

    Ryba Žilina is the largest producer of fish and delicatessen salads in Slovakia. It is the oldest, ever-functioning fish processing enterprise that has been operating since 1924. Divino provided product communication, Facebook profile management, and working with a specific target group.
    Klient - Ryba Žilina
  • The Dessewffy Palace

    At the time of its creation, the Dessewffy Palace was one of the most luxury buildings in Prešporok. In the meantime, it offers a wide range of services in the area of rental and accommodation. Divino provided mostly event management.
    Klient - Dessewffyho palác
  • Beřek Šípek

    The company Šípek Team is engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of unique art glass. The founder, Bořek Šípek, was a world-famous Czech artist, architect, designer and a university teacher, known especially as a creator of glass artifacts and furniture or as the main architect of the Prague Castle administration during the period of presidency of Václav Havel. Divino for the company has been engaged in marketing activities, especially event management.
    Klient - Bořek Šípek

    Since 1996, DIMARKO has been one of the leaders in the selling drug, packaging and consumables materials and accessories. For the client, Divino prepared a new design of communication leaflets and custom car stickers.
    Klient - DIMARKO
  • Schwarzkopf Professional

    Quality, creative, global and dynamic. This is how you can get to know the professional hair care brand Schwarzkopf Professional, for which we have been a longtime partner. Communicating all new news from Schwarzkopf Professional, whether through press releases to media, celebrities, or bloggers, we help them to stay ahead of the competition.
    Klient - Schwarzkopf Professional
  • Klenoty Aurum

    Collaboration with this Watches and Jewelery Store was built primarily on strong relationships with women's magazines, as well as communications with Slovak bloggers and vloggers. Besides searching for promotion opportunities, we also focused on strategic planning of PR activities or the preparation of a wide range of PR texts, press releases, or other creative suggestions to get the brand into the awareness of Slovak customers.
    Klient - Klenoty Aurum
  • DHL ecommerce day

    An event to learn everything about current trends in e-commerce, draw inspiration, and get advice on the progress of your e-shop. Divino ensured the complete organization of the event.
    Klient - DHL
  • Medas

    Slovak company that is producing, purchasing and exporting bee honey. Divino ensured complete product communication, establishing collaboration with celebrities and media.
    Klient - Medas
  • Canola Oil

    The EU's three-year campaign to raise awareness of rapeseed oil has been our task since its beginning. We co-operate with Polish colleagues in mutual effort to spread texts about its benefits, to cover print and online media, to collaborate with bloggers and to search for TV appearances.
    Klient - Zamiluj sa do repkového oleja
  • DOM-OV

    The client builds functional and unique family homes for their customers. Our collaboration consists in creating social networking content and management, Facebook and Instagram, including paid advertising.
    Klient - Domov
  • Pelikan

    Pelikan is one of the world's leading producers of writing and creative accessories. That is why we use our creative skills and writing skills to persuade people and the media to write with and about the Pelikan. Our collaboration with Pelikan is primarily based on writing of press releases and exclusive articles, visually impressive lifestyle outputs in the press as well as in the online world. We also cover the paid support on Facebook and provide guidance in the field of social network communication.
    Klient - Pelikan
  • Herlitz

    For this manufacturer, supplier and distributor of stationery, office and school supplies, in addition to preparing PR articles and providing media space (magazines, online, events, press conferences), we have extended the package of services with the complete production of product videos. From planning, through filming, to production and post-production - we offer custom video content tailored to the client. We also cover paid support on Facebook and provide guidance in the field of social network communication.
    Klient - Herlitz
  • Mediklinik

    Mediklinik is one of the first Slovak companies to provide daytime surgery in all surgical departments. In cooperation with top experts from all over Slovakia, they perform over 2,500 operations per year. Divino provided active media communication and a media presentation of collaborating experts, surgeons and doctors
    Klient - Mediklinik
  • Bubbleology

    Collaboration with Bubbleology primarily involves communicating news in its portfolio, working with people and bloggers, finding space in the media, and preparing press releases. We enjoy the work for the Slovak number one at the bubble tea market very much and yes, we have to admit - we have already been stricked by bubblemania.
    Klient - Bubbleology

    We started our collaboration with the largest online flowers and gift delivery service in Slovakia and abroad in May 2017. As part of our cooperation, we help the client set up the overall marketing strategy, we also applied many media channels - media relations, blogging, online, cross promo, guerilla marketing projects and event company visibility.
    Klient -
  • Nutricia

    For Nutricia we provide PR communication services within which we cover media communication, preparation of press releases, organization of press conferences and events in cooperation with organizations, that connect patients with cancer. Among other activities belong the creation of videos and we cover the Google Adwords campaigns for the client's website.

    Klient - Nutricia
  • Druhý názor lekára

    The client offers consultation services for patients and their relatives in the field of oncology, gastroenterology or ORL. We provide PR activities through press releases, media contacts, press conferences. In cooperation with doctors and patients we create video content and provide advisory in the social network administration. For the web supper we manage the Adwords campaign

    Klient - Druhý názov lekára
  • Klient - Omega Pharma
  • HAvlikova apoteka

    This natural product apothek, which in a modern way processes traditional recipes from a noted and passionate Czech chemist of the past century, doctor Karl Havlík, is well-known not only in Czech but in Slovakia also. We are bringing the label and the products into a closer vision field of the public through an active communication with the media, press releases, through publicly known persons, bloggers, etc... .
    Klient - Havlíkova apotéka


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